About us

Connectivity is essential

Our transport system forms the backbone of the nation -a system that includes an intricate network of roads, highways, bridges and toll plazas.

Behind many of these, lies the inimitable expertise of MEP. A Mhaiskar family enterprise, MEP Infrastructure Developers Pvt Limited is a Mumbai-based organisation with considerable presence across the country. Established in 2002 as a Toll Management Company, today MEP has extended its experience to BOT and OMT Projects and construction of Bridges. The company also participates in Revenue Collection Tenders of various government departments.

As an organisation that operates and maintains highways and bridges, we consistently care, repair and beautify each of our projects.

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Success is foreseeable

Our Vision

To Strive Towards transforming surface infrastructure into an enriching customer experience.

Our Mission

To enhance value for stakeholders through intelligence, innovation and integration.

Our Strength
  • Experience
    12 years
  • Manpower
  • Number of Lanes Handled